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During our stays abroad, especially the one in Australia of about one year, we have increasingly matured the awareness of how much the "Made in Italy" and perhaps even more the "Made in Sicily" get a huge success in the rest of the world.

I Pizzuti

Who We Are

A couple of young Sicilians with a love for the typicals, a passion for travels and big dreams.

It is right during our stays abroad, in particular the one in Australia of about a year, that we have increasingly matured the awareness of how much the "Made in Italy" and perhaps even more the "Made in Sicily" collects a huge success in the rest of the world.

This remained a simple observation for some time, until one day the idea began to take shape...



I Pizzuti, i prodotti siciliani di punta

The beginning of everything

It all started unexpectedly, but in particular in an unusual place: we were in a doctor's hall for one of our Manual Medicine sessions, which often turned into precious occasions for pleasant conversations.

That was perhaps (and of course we sincerely wish!) a more enlightening and productive chat than we could ever have imagined. The topic was one of the most frequent: our desire to return to live abroad to "export" what we have - not just something material - that too often we tend to underestimate, and to later discover that it's invaluable, much appreciated even in the most distant countries.

Here is the first suggestion from the esteemed Professor: "Why move? Today's technologies would allow you to easily work from here too. Today there are many professionals working remotely! ". Our reply was firm: "We are tired of seeing so many magnificent potentials wasted so many times. There are still too few examples of enhancement of the peculiarities of our Earth! ".

So we start talking about one of these examples, a major producer of almonds of Avola, so shifting the focus of the speech, even if only apparently ...

Here comes the second wise tip: "Then try to take inspiration from this rare example, use your awareness and this knowledge to create your business! On the other hand, the PIZZUTA of Avola is a renowned product not only here in Italy, but also elsewhere. "

The session ends and we get into the car to head home, both with the words of the Professor in mind... Commenting together the speeches made, we immediately realize that a precise expression continued to bounce in both of us: "La PIZZUTA di Avola" .

Shortly afterwards we discovered that there was a special motivation and it was the adjective "PIZZUTA" to attract our attention, setting off an uncontrollable enthusiasm: all the best Sicilian products that came to mind, the most renowned ones, they are united by the characteristic of being pointed!

They're The Pizzuti, prodotti siciliani di punta that, with great pride, we want to bring wherever they are appreciated, in Italy, in Europe and in the world!

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